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Lokasi: Jakarta
Harga: Rp60,000,000

PON Optimized

Excellent hardware performance and advanced analysis algorithm enable the AQ1210 to accurately characterize Passive Optical

Networks (PON) through high-port-count splitters (up to 1 × 128)*.

The AQ1210 assists beginner/expert users in simply configuring OTDR measurement settings based on PON topology

information for optimal results. Short event dead zone and high sampling resolution enable users to detect near-end location of

connectors that are as close as 0.5 meters (<20 inches)*.

Compact body with

long-lasting battery operation Enhanced OTDR performance:

• Footprint approx. size of a “Mini” tablet, weight of 1 Kg (2.2 Lbs.)

• 10 hours battery operation

• USB power feeding

*USB power adapter (Type-C) is required for battery charging (sold separately)

The AQ1210 provides:

• Measurement of PON systems with up to 128 splits

• High-speed real-time measurement

• Smart mapper function

• Multi-fiber measurement

• Fiber Surface Test function (optional)

File transfer and remote control

File transfer

The AQ1210’s data files can be transferred to a smartphone

or tablet through Wi-Fi using a web browser or the OTDR

data transporter, or a WindowsTM PC through Wi-Fi or LAN

using a web browser or the AQ7933 Emulation software.

Remote control

The AQ1210 can be controlled remotely by a smartphone or

tablet using a web browser and by a WindowsTM PC using a

web browser, the AQ7933 Emulation software, or remotecontrol commands through Wi-Fi or LAN.


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