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Rebar Locator Profometer PM-650 AI

category: Non destructive testing / Rebar Locator

brand: Proceq

item: Profometer PM-650 AI

The Profometer PM-650 extends the measuring modes of the Profometer PM-630 with the unique Cross-Line Mode and further analysis functions. The Cross-Line Mode allows users to measure the rebars of the first and second layer typically arranged in a rectangular mesh.


Profometer PM-650: Measuring the rebars of the first and second layer typically arranged in a rectangular mesh

Profometer PM-650: The signal strength spectrum can be seen in addition to the cover and diameter

Measuring wide areas over long distances

Zoom in to scale rebars according to your needs

Display with cover curve or signal strength curve

Visual assistance for speed and signal strength control

Settings directly accessible on the measurement screen

Graphical display of measured values and minimum cover set

Change settings before and after storage

Reopen stored files to continue measurements

Change probe position during measurement

Signal strength spectrum for further evaluation

PM-Link software for downloading saved data to a PC for analysis and export to third party applications

All-in-one Universal Probe including standard, long range and spot probe

Spot probe specially for areas with congested rebar arrangements

Housing specially designed to be used on-site in harsh environments, including carrying strap, integrated stand and sunshield cover

Battery lifetime of > 8h

High resolution color display

8 GB Flash memory

Dual core processor supporting diverse communication and peripheral interfaces

Future proof investment through direct upgrade possibilities to upcoming Profometer products

Design patent pending

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