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Leeb hardness measurement with simultaneous automatic conversion to Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Shore and Conversion to Tensile Strength σb

Accuracy ±0.3% @ HL=800, Repeatability: ±2HL

Display Digital LCD with backlight

Principle:     Leeb Hardness Measurement     Accuracy:     ± 2HL

Impact Device:     D (Standard) DC/D+15/C/G/E/DL (Optional)     Materials And Conversion Curves:     11 Common Metal Materials, 60 Conversion Curves

Dimension (mm):     195 X 84 X 38     Net Weight (g):     550

SADT NEW HARTIP model HARTIP3210 Leeb portable hardness tester with Probe E and high accuracy

HARTIP 3210 is a new generation of Leeb hardness tester with more advanced technology and features. The tester applies our new patent dual-coil sensor technology which makes the tester more accurate than old previous model. All impact device (probe) are no need to setup impact direction. HARTIP 3210 can work with both analogy impact device and wireless RF probe.

The measuring values can be downloaded to PC and printer by wireless or by cable.

The HARTIP 3210 also can be powered by USB power supply without battery via PC cable.


The measuring principle of HARTIP series hardness testers is defined as "the quotient of the impact body's rebound and impact velocity, multiplied by 1000." An impact body with a Tungsten Carbide test tip is propelled by spring force against the test surface and then rebounds back. A permanent magnet is contained within the impact body. When it passes through the coil on impact device, it induces an electric voltage which is proportional to the velocity of the impact body.


    Wireless digital / cable analogue compatible

    No need to setup different impact direction

    Higher accuracy with dual-coil technology

    TFT large color LCD with pixel 320 x 240

    Multi-color style – suitable under sunshine

    Multi display mode - statistics, bar graph, etc.

    Multi save mode for data

    Multi statistics calculation

    Print online and screen copy printout

    Sound reminder

    Real date and time

    Recalibration for unified or individual scale

    Operator, part no., procedure no. record


Model     SADT HARTIP 3210

Principle     Leeb hardness measurement

Accuracy     ±0.3% @ HL=800, Repeatability: ±2HL

Display     2.8” 320 x 240 TFT color LCD - fittable under sunshine

Hardness scale     HL / HRC / HRB / HB / HV / HS / HRA /σb

Measuring range     HL100-960 / HRC0.9-83.2 / HRB1-140 / HB1-1878 / HV1-1698 /

HS0.5-1370 / HRA1-88.5 / σb(rm)1-6599N/mm²

Probe     r/f wireless probe D / standard cable probe D

DC / D+15 / C / G / E / DL (Optional)

Materials     11 common metal materials, 60 conversion curves

Memory     63 files, 100 data for each file, can be saved and re-readable

Statistics function     Single group analysis -- mean, max., min., extreme deviation,

standard deviation, coefficient of kurtosis, coefficient of skewness,

percent of pass, column diagram, normality distribution test and

uniform distribution test

Double group analysis-- significant difference test for mean value,

standard deviation, percent of pass and distribution

Re-calibration     Calibration for unified or individual scale

Indicator     Upper limit / Lower limit / low battery / buzzer warning / date and time

Language     English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian,

Korean, French, Italian, German, Turkish, Spanish

Communication     USB / RS232 / Bluetooth / 2.4G wireless(Optional)

Continous working time     >40 hours

Power supply     1.5V AA alkaline battery x 4 / 1.2V nickel-hydrogen rechargerable

battery x 4 / 3.7VLi-ion rechargeable battery x 4 / USB power supply

Working environment     -10~+45ºC

Dimension (mm)     195x84x38

Net weight (g)     550

Standards     Conforming to ASTM A956, DIN 50156, GB/T 17394-1998

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Contact Person

Nama : Andi

HP / Whatshapp : 082213743331

HP / Telp : 087784532333

Fax : 021-22054159

Gmail :salesexecutive616@gmail.com

Web :www.akademysurvey.com / www.margasetia.com

Blog : http://jualsirineonline.blogspot.com

Alamat : Jl. H. Kelik No 20 Kelapa Dua Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat 11550

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