JUAL ETCR068 A High Accuracy Clamp AC 0.0A~2000A Large Current Measurement Professional

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ETCR068A High Accuracy Clamp AC 0.0A~2000A Large Current Measurement Current Sensor


ETCR068A clamp-type leakage current sensor for AC leakage current, current, high harmonic current, phase, power, power, power factor and other detection. Range: 0.0A~2000A, jaw size is Φ68mm. Current clamp uses a special core, strong anti-interference ability, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the measurement; the use of clamp structure, without disconnecting the measured line, to take non-contact measurement methods, safe and simple operation, you can connect the phase detection analyzer , industrial control devices, data loggers, oscilloscopes, harmonic analyzers, power quality analyzers, high precision multi-degree digital meters, etc.


2.Technical Specifications:

* Function: AC current measurement

* CT size: Φ68mm

* Range: AC 0.0A~2000A

* Resolution: 0.1A

* Accuracy: ±2.0%FS(50Hz/60Hz; 23℃±2℃)

* Linearity: ≤1.0%

* Phase error: ≤3°(50Hz/60Hz;23℃±2℃)

* Reference load: RL: 0~200mA≤2kΩ;0.2A~2A≤200Ω;2A~20A≤20Ω;20A~200A≤2Ω;200A~2000A≤0.2Ω

* Standard turn ratio: 2400:1 (deuterium ratio can be customized upon request)

* Output method: Current sensing output

* Output interface: 4.0mm double banana plug

* Output line: 2-core shielded cable, length 2m

* Detection method: Clamp CT

* Tested current frequency: 45Hz~60Hz

* Frequency characteristics: 10Hz to 100kHz

* Electric field interference: about 0.3A when the external electric field 100A approaches 10mm

* Wire position: The tested wire is in the center of the jaws

* Line voltage: Test for lines below AC 600V

* Working environment; -20°C~50°C; 80%Rh or less

* Storage environment; -10°C~60°C; 70%Rh or less

* Insulation strength: AC3700V/rms (between core and shell)

* Suitable for safety regulations: IEC1010-1, IEC1010-2-032, Pollution Degree 2, CAT III (600V)


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