JUAL DGZ-Y-5000 Portable Tension Meter Tester Range 5000N elevator wire rop Professional

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DGZ-Y-5000 Portable Tension Meter Tester Range 5000N elevator wire rop


Usage and Application

Elevator rope tension tester is mainly used in elevator wire rope tension test . To check and adjust each wire rope of elevator in the process of installation, check before acceptance and annual inspection to ensure its tension as consistent as possible, thereby prolonging the service life of the traction wheel . The tension tester can also be applied to the bridge with sling, tower wiring,overhead wire ,index wire rope and other tension test. 

1.2 Product features

1.2.1  Portable:the tension tester use high-strength aluminum alloy structure with light weight and small size.It is easy to carry ,one person can complete all the operations. 

1.2.2  The instrument has stable performance and high accuracy,when the tested wire rope are consistent with wire rope tension tester data ,the measuring precision can be 5%.

1.2.3  Light weight ,simple structure,easy to operate,suitable for any occasion.

1.2.4  The instrument has 3 preset wire rope diameter model, just need to choose the correct wire rope number when measuring .

1.2.5  LCD display shows the value force,it is more convenient to reading. 

1.2.6  Three units:N,Kg and Lb can switch into each other .

1.2.7  The instrument can store 383 measuring data,the data can be output by computer.

Model DGZ-Y-5000

Range 5000N

Min. Load Division Value 1N

Scientific measuring range 10%~90%

Accuracy ≦±5%

Power 7.2V  1.2V×6  NI-H Battery

ChargerInput :AC 100~240V     

Output:DC 12V 500mA


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